Denali DM微單強度LED照明套件與全配線線束和M8 Mount - FOR KAWASAKI Versys 650



Denali DM Micro Single Intensity LED Lighting Kit with Full Wiring Harness & M8 Mountfor Kawasaki Versys 650


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NT$ 9,625 含稅



有效的光束距離240英尺,這些Denali DM LED燈是明亮的!





Denali DM燈在你面前的道路上閃著240英尺的光束。


所有Denali LED燈都安裝在堅固的防水鋁外殼(潛水器在水下3米)。





眼鏡: 豆莢尺寸:1.7“圓形×2.4”長 光束距離:240' 功率:每燈5瓦 強度:單 光束角:10°和25° 防水:IP-68 安裝:通用M8 有效流明:443 箱子裡有什麼: 2x微型LED燈箱 帶繼電器和點火開關的線束 2個光點驅動光束透鏡(10度光束圖案) 2×泛光燈透鏡(25度光束模式) 2x M8(8mm)安裝支架 安裝說明 內六角扳手 現在可在Chrome完成!

Denali燈具有2年保修。 Denali燈 - 征服夜!

Don't let the small size and weight fool you, with an effective beam distance of 240 feet, these Denali DM LED lights are BRIGHT! The ultra compact size of the DM light is ideal for street bikes where you want to maintain a clean inconspicuous look without sacrificing brightness. The DM is also ideal for daytime visibility as the smaller optic intensifies the brightness of the light when looking at the light from the front. Consuming only 5 watts of power per lamp, the Denali DM lights throw a blazing beam of light 240 feet down the road in front of you. That’s 85 feet further than your typical motorcycle high beam. All Denali LED lights are housed in a rugged waterproof aluminum housing (submersible up to 3 meters underwater). Our LED’s boasts an average life span of 50,000 hours; that’s 6 years without ever being shut off! Denali kits easy to mount and install to your motorcycle. Every light kit includes a universal M8 mounting bracket and detailed wiring diagrams that are simple and easy to understand. Additionally bike specific light mounts are also available for many popular bike models. Specs: Pod Size: 1.7” round x 2.4” long Beam Distance: 240’ Power Draw: 5 watts per lamp Intensity: Single Beam Angle: 10° and 25° Waterproof: IP-68 Mount: Universal M8 Effective Lumens: 443 What's in the Box: 2x Micro LED light pods Wiring Harness with Relay and Lighted Switch 2 x spot driving beam lenses (10 degree beam pattern) 2 x flood beam lenses (25 degree beam pattern) 2x M8 (8mm) mounting brackets Installation instructions Allen wrench Now available in Chrome finish! Denali lights come with a 2-year warranty. Denali Lights –Conquer the night!